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2017 holds a lot of promise for us this next year. Asian Access is really thrilled with what’s in store, and I'm excited to just share with you a few of those ventures that are upcoming:


image 50th Anniversary & Eastern Voices

First and foremost is our 50th anniversary—our Jubilee in Jakarta. I hope you'll join us for that. As a part of that celebration, we're showcasing a new series, and their first volume will come out in Jakarta called, "Eastern Voices". We’ll share more with you about that soon.

More info: A2|50th Anniversary...


image Expansion to New Countries

We will be opening the country of the Philippines, and we're exploring several new countries. Many of them are unreached areas for the gospel; some of them are completely closed to the Gospel's advance.

More info: Asian Access expands to the Philippines...



image In addition to that expansion of our core program, we're opening new ventures with our business side of the ministry, which is pretty exciting. is ramping up in two new countries.

More info:


image Women in Ministry

And we're more broadly investing in women in ministry. We're hoping to open up this program in two new regions to impact more difference-makers on the front lines.

More info: "Women Hold Up Half the Sky"...


image Younger Leaders

Plus, we're doing one brand new venture trying to invest in younger generations across the continent.


2017 holds a lot of promise for us Asian Access, and we'd appreciate your prayers happy new year. God bless you, and thank you for supporting us.

 Warm wishes for a blessed year ahead,

Joe Handley

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