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  1. Plant Churches... Plant Churches... Plant Churches!


    At Asian Access’ fall board retreat, Doug Birdsall shared the powerful story of how the 2020 Vision for Japan emerged. Listening to Doug share is always an inspiration! He spoke about how he was sensing the Lord might be calling him away from the mission of Asian Access—but one night woke up and all he could see and hear was the phrase over and over again:

    “Plant Churches…
     Plant Churches…
    Plant Churches!”

    Doug BirdsallIt was a clear sign that God had called Doug to stay with the mission, and as he assumed leadership, he unveiled a vision that God had given him:
    The 2020 Vision for Japan!

    • To deploy 100 church multiplication teams...
    • Start 1000 reproducing churches...
    • That would lead to 1,000,000 new followers of Jesus..
    • And send 1000 missionaries from Japan to the major cities of Asia.


    The Improbable Now Possible!

    Everyone thought the vision was impossible and for years that sentiment carried on. Until, the horrible triple disaster that hit Northeastern Japan in 2011. The relief efforts that followed this tragedy led to a new sense of hope that this vision was within reach. Churches have been planted more quickly than we ever could have imagined.

    We praise God for allowing us to participate in His vision and His work. What a privilege!

    And Even More Expansion

    Now Asian Access has expanded beyond Japan to ten other countries, and we are looking to start two more over the course of the next year. Not only this though. The vision has inspired a number of other efforts across Asia:

    • Now we have pastors in Japan dreaming of planting 50,000 churches by 2030.
    • There is a vision in Mongolia to see 10% of the nation following Christ by 2020. When they began in the early 90’s less than 1% of the nation new Jesus. Today, most say that 7-8% of Mongolia is following Christ!
    • Another country has a vision to plant 75,000 churches by 2020
    • One more has a vision to send 20,000 missionaries by 2030

    I wonder what other visions may emerge as Asian Access invests in leaders to see churches planted and nations transformed… What will you do if you wake up in the middle of a night and hear God speaking with you?

    "And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams…” Acts 2:17

    Joe Handley

  2. A2 Colleagues Release New Books

    These are exciting days for Asian Access. Ministry is thriving and we are on the cusp of growing into new countries. Several have noted A2’s influence, even challenging us to speak publicly on those things God has gifted us with – Making the Most of Our Time. Even charity watch groups have noted our effectiveness: Charity Navigator’s CEO highlights A2!

    Exponential-Culture coverMost recently, I’m proud to announce the publication of two new books. The first is a book by my colleague, Michael Wilson, church multiplication catalyst for Asian Access. I had the privilege of pre-reading Mike’s book and here’s my review:

         "Discipleship is at the heart of Christ's call for our lives... Here, Rev. Dr. Michael Wilson, shares stories and principles that help point the way forward… this book will help you as you seek to become more like Jesus and to be salt and light in our world today.”

    mike-wilson-headshotI encourage you to get a copy of Mike’s book, Exponential Culture here. You’ll enjoy learning how to be a better disciple and how to become a disciple-maker!



    Journey-of-Grace coverIn addition to this fantastic resource, I’m excited to share about the new book by Adrian De Visser, A2’s vice president for partnership development. Adrian has a powerful message about the importance of “Grace” that you won’t want to miss. Adrian De VisserBirthed in the heart of ministry during a 30 year civil war, Adrian’s profound biblical lessons are well worth learning from. Get a copy of Journey of Grace here. You will learn tons about life and ministry and may find healing in the midst of your pain!

    I’m proud of my two friends and I trust you’ll enjoy their books as much as I have.

    When you read them, let me know what you have learned! - jhandley@asianaccess.org

    Joe Handley

  3. Making the Best Use of our Time


    As we entered 2015 a few weeks ago, I found it interesting that the Lord spoke into my life at least three different times, from three different sources unbeknownst to one another, and all saying essentially the same thing. The picture you see here was the final incident as I was watching the film, “The Fellowship of the Rings” from Tolkein’s masterpiece trilogy, The Lord of the Rings:

    ‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.’ – Gandalf the Grey

    Not long before watching this film, I met with a well known Chinese Leader (an Asian Access alumnus) who said: "Thank you for your and A2's great influence on our country. You have played an important role for the Church of China and I ask that you would leverage your influence to further this impact."

    Samuel ChiangJust a few days prior, Samuel Chiang from the International Orality Network and A2 reference council member shared a similar concept. International Orality NetworkHe essentially suggested that my and A2's influence is now such that we have gained a 'statesman's like' stature and we need to be judicious in how we use it.


    How humbling all of this was to hear!


    Ken Berger, Charity NavigatorAs I thought further about the task the Lord has given to Asian Access and to me, I'm reminded about how important it is for us to prayerfully seek the Lord's face as we move into this new year and into the next several years. The Lord has given A2 great favor: from the tsunami that swept through S and SE Asia in 2004, to the triple disaster that hit Japan in 2011, and to the influence we now seem to garner from many corners of the world. 4Star 234x60Even Charity Navigator has taken notice as their CEO Ken Berger mentioned we are one of only 7% of charities that has received its four-star rating 4 years in a row and thus our effectiveness is top tier.

    Given this favor, it’s important to take heed to these words of wisdom and live into God’s calling to leverage our influence and make the best use of our time. Reflect for yourself on the following verses and their surrounding contexts and discern how the Lord might be speaking to you as the new year begins!

    "Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is." — Ephesians 5:15-17

    "from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do." — 1 Chronicles 12:32

    "David had served God’s purpose in his own generation…" — Acts 13:36


    God bless you,

    Joe Handley


    More Information

  4. Joy in the midst of Persecution

    "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

    Most of you know that many of the countries Asian Access works in the leaders face trials, tribulations and persecution. My colleague Jim, who serves in partnership with us through Sunrise International Ministries, shared this powerful story from one of our alumns:


    Sometimes the stories of others give us perspective on our own situation. I will also share the testimony of our good friend R. Recently R. shared his story with us and we were very touched.

    "I was born in 1982. I was born as the second son in a village in in my country. My village is a Buddhist village, which is rare in our land. In our Buddhist tradition, when a second son becomes 3-1/2 years old the family gives him to the temple to become a priest. In exchange, the temple gives the family land. So ever since I was 3-1/2 years old I lived in the temple in our village and only visited my family once in a while."

    "When I was 14 years old my cousin came to me at the Temple and shared with me about Jesus. He had gone to the capital city and believed in Jesus Christ. At first I couldn't believe in Jesus right, but I started attending a church once in a while. After a few months I really wanted to believe in Jesus and was very frustrated with the life at the Temple."

    "When the monks found out about my involvement with church they warned me not to go to this church again. They also told my family about my involvement with Christianity and my family was very upset. I finally shared my frustrations with a monk telling him that I believe that Jesus is the answer and that I no longer belonged to the temple and could not continue to live here."

    "I packed up and went home, but my father and mother were FURIOUS!  They didn't feed me and tried to run me out of their house by throwing things at me and being very violent to me. My mother ran after me and threw a very big rock at me, which gave me a swollen face and head for 2 months! Even my Grandma was upset with me and she wouldn't feed me or keep me at her place after I ran to her house."

    "Finally decided to go to the capital city of my country, even though I didn't know anybody there. I was 15 years old then. I went there with less than $1 dollar. When I reached the capital, I went to a Bible school and there they helped me and gave me education. I am now 31 years old and have been serving Jesus ever since. My mother, father and family members have not spoken to me since I became a follower of Jesus and have never allowed me to return home."

    We cried as R. told us his story. He has gone through so much pain and rejection, but is always smiling and full of joy in Christ. Stories like this have given us new perspective and have taught us to be much more grateful for the many blessings God has given us despite whatever minor difficulties we may be facing.

    R. practices the truth of James 1:2...

    "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds...”

    I don’t know about you, but these stories always challenge me. It is a privilege to serve leaders like R. and partner with leaders like Jim.

    May the Lord encourage you as you face trials in life.

    How do you face challenges? What life lessons do you have to share with us?

    Joe Handley

  5. Why Disciple-Making is So Important


    The Church in Bangladesh has received a core challenge from Asian Access to address a key problem. And learning this encouraged me greatly.

    Recently, I had the privilege of traveling with Peter Mazumder, general secretary of Bible Student Fellowship of Bangladesh (IFES) and co-national director of Asian Access/Bangladesh. Peter shared stories of the life-transforming process he has experienced from many ministries (WycliffeDAI, A2, etc.). He also inspired me with the importance of the Living Water Centre and why he is raising these funds.

    Peter also disclosed fresh perspectives from the Church of Bangladesh that have resulted from Asian Access training. He was struck by the paradigm shifts experienced by many of the participants—through the vulnerability of A2 faculty sharing how they could lead after periods of failure, the transforming impact of involving their spouses and families in our training process, and Asian Access' ability to cover theirmost important issues.

    Bangladesh mapOf all Peter shared, however, the most significant revelation dealt with the vital importance of reproducing disciple-making leaders. In Bangladesh, one common problem is that churches can start to die once they reached about 200 people. At that level, the weaknesses created by a lack of disciple-making leaders can surface and churches can begin to crumble. Pastors have realized that they need stronger discipleship to avoid this pitfall.

    Peter sees the need for disciple making as the key issue for the Church of Bangladesh today. That is why Peter truly appreciates Asian Access’ focus on reproducing disciple-making leaders! Among all the new paradigms they are learning, the most strategic issue remains the core of Christ’s message: Go and Make Disciples!

    What do you feel the most important issue is for your family, your church, your neighborhood…your country? How can we learn from one another?

    Joe Handley



    Living Water Centre

  6. Maclellan Match Met! Thank you... $200,000 raised and doubled!

    india-expansion-matching challenge

    With a few hours to spare, and thanks to your help, we have just met the $200,000 matching challenge! We reached 100% of the goal! 

    Maclellan Matching Gift Campaign

    We are rejoicing because The Maclellan Foundation will double the $200,000 we have just raised, allowing us to expand our work in India plus two additional countries. And it will help us come alongside persecuted pastors in these places.

    Thank you so much for your partnership and investment in leaders across Asia!

    May you have a blessed New Year.

    For His Kingdom,

    Joseph W. Handley, Jr.
    President – Asian Access

  7. India's BJP advances unhindered

    BJP advances unhinderedIndia (MNN) — One leader saw it coming but didn’t think it would grow this fast. Others were suspicious but couldn’t say definitively what would, or would not, come to pass. Some are still unaware of the dangers surrounding them.

    Now, all cards are on the table: the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is openly pushing for a “Hindu-only” India.

    In the run-up to Christmas, Christian carolers in Hyderabad were attacked by a Hindu mob, and mass re-conversion ceremonies in Uttar Pradesh were planned but stopped short. While the BJP was chosen this summer to revive India’s economy, their true intentions are beginning to shine through.

    “I wasn’t surprised at what’s happening, but I’m really surprised at the speed at which the BJP is moving.” Asian Access India Director, David Dayalan, recently told A2’s Noel Becchetti.

    “He’s very alarmed, on the one hand, but he sees a great opportunity on the other,” Becchetti continues. “His alarm is: the Christian leaders are very slow to realize what’s happening. On the other side, he says, ‘This is our time.’

    “God uses persecution, where you get these determined Christians, focused Christians, unified Christians, and they get after it.”

    Hear more in the full interview.

    Listen to the broadcast: (top story)

    How did BJP come to power?

    BJP advances unhinderedThis summer, the BJP leveraged Narendra Modi’s popularity with the public to garner votes, and the Hindu nationalist party was selected to lead India for the next five years. Becchetti says BJP platforms–reviving the economy and ending corruption–reflected the desires of many Indian voters.

    But now, six months into Modi’s rule, a third-party platform is gaining priority and unveiling a deeper concern: the “Hindu-ization” of India.

    “Their contention is: ‘India has always been Hindu…we’ve been Hindu since 5,000 years ago, and that’s what we ought to be. So the Muslims, the Christians, the Buddhists, the Jains, the Zoroastrians–everybody else here–are interlopers and don’t belong here,'” Becchetti shares.

    But, isn’t India the world’s largest democracy?

    India was subject to British rule for nearly 90 years, but in 1947 it became an independent democracy. India’s electoral system is designed to produce a balance of ideologies, and generally succeeds.

    However, balance isn’t one of the BJP’s goals; the Hindu nationalists would much rather prefer a theocracy.


    As of December 2014, states with BJP governments are shown in orange, and NDA governments in brown. States where the BJP is a significant opposition party are in yellow, and other states are shown in blue.

    (Map, caption courtesy Ranjitkct via Wikimedia Commons)

      BJP states

     “They’re going through the system, but it’s not because they believe in the system. It’s because the system is their way in,” explains Becchetti.

    State elections, held during the “off-years,” typically produce another layer of diversity to India’s leadership. But in the case of 2016, state elections could result in religious domination and threat.

    “BJP is going to try to win majorities in those states because if they do, they’ll control the upper and lower houses of their parliament. And that’s when they would start going after constitutional amendments,” says Becchetti.

    “This is happening quickly; this is happening intentionally. These guys thought this through for a long, long time. It’s very comprehensive.”

    What can you do about it?

    • Pray
    • Give
    • Advocate(U.S. readers: contact your elected officials here)

    India“This does have geo-political implications. India likes to consider [itself] a global player,” notes Becchetti.

    “What kind of India do we want to be relating to, and what’s the United States willing to do, [both] as a society and as a government?”


    See how God’s Kingdom in India grew during 2014 through A2.


    More Information

  8. India's BJP rise to power, Asian Access

    BJP advances unhinderedNoel Becchetti of Asian Access and Mission Network News' Katey Hearth discuss the BJP’s rise to power in India and the trouble upcoming elections hold for Christians.

    The right-wing nationalist Hindu party won in a landslide election last spring. Because BJP won well over 50% of the vote, they don't need to form a coalition with any other party.

    A2/India's national director, David Dayalan is not surprised that the BJP rose to power, but he is particularly surprised at the speed with which it has happened. The world's largest democracy is becoming more and more Hindu.

    The BJP is about three things:

    1. Improve the economy;
    2. End corruption;
    3. Bring India back to its Hindu roots.

    The BJP has begun to persecute people who are not Hindus—the dissenters. There have been beatings and church burnings, not only in the rural areas, but also in the city—even Delhi, the nation's capital. This poses threats to Christians throughout the country. There has been increasing persecution of Christians in India, as well as 5 of the other 10 countries in which Asian Access trains leaders.

    But there is an opportunity as well. Find out more...

    Listen to the interview:


    More Information

  9. 2014 Endorsements: What They're Saying About Asian Access

    2014 Highlights: Endorsements of Asian Access

    Here are some things people are saying about Asian Access this year...


    ken-berger-charitynavigatorMr. Ken Berger
    President & CEO, Charity Navigator

    "[Charity Navigator is] proud to announce Asian Access has earned our fourth consecutive 4-star rating. Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that your organization adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way. Only 7% of the charities we rate have received at least 4 consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Asian Access outperforms most other charities in America. This “exceptional” designation from Charity Navigator differentiates Asian Access from its peers and demonstrates to the public it is worthy of their trust."


    Dr. Tony and Felicity Dale
    Founders (with others) of House2Houseauthors
    Founders of The Health Co-Op

    "Felicity and I have had many trips with Asian Access to help develop pastoral leadership in countries that may be underdeveloped economically, but are hungry for the development of the church. What a privilege these trips have been. Meeting across denominational lines, with leaders from multiple denominations embodies the unity that Jesus prayed for and commanded in John 17. Watching those leaders not only embrace each other, but also embrace ideas that may have been outside of their experience so far, has been humbling and rewarding. The impact of these church movements will be far reaching in the development of these countries and of the body of Christ within these countries."

    David-Kim-03-150x150Mr. David D. Kim
    Servant, Mobilizer, Founder: Telos Ventures
    Asian Access Board of Directors

    "It is a blessing and honor to accept and join the Board of Directors of Asian Access ("A2"). A2 is a recognized mission serving with distinction in Asia for indigenous church leadership development and church planting. I am excited to participate in vision casting with A2 for new ministry initiatives and countries to serve in fulfilling the Great Commission."

    scott-whiteMr. Scott White
    Exec. Pastor for International Ministry
    Associate Pastor of Missions and Evangelism, Lake Avenue Church 

    "Everywhere I travel in the world and ask local Christian leaders what there greatest need is, almost to a person they say, "Leadership development." The training and the methodology behind Asian Access' equipping of leaders in this area is visible in the best way, in the fruitfulness of the indigenous leadership and they are doing it with the understanding that we are in the Global Church Era and that the "old ways" can't be the only way anymore."

    jwallace-webDr. Jon Wallace
    President, Azusa Pacific University

    "Gail and I have been supporters of Asian Access for more than 20 years. We believe in their mission, their people and we have deep respect and admiration for Joe Handley and his visionary leadership."


    Mr. Mickey Rapier
    Elder, Fellowship Bible Church of NW Arkansas

    "I have had the opportunity to witness the work of Asian Access firsthand. They reach, train and reproduce local pastors and leaders to reach new believers throughout Asia. It is inspirational to watch the leadership of Asian Access operate in such an efficient, effective and biblical manner. They boldly march into territories where Satan has claimed victory for centuries and shine the pure light of the Gospel. The Kingdom vision of Asian Access is an inspiration to me and the congregation of Fellowship Bible of Northwest Arkansas."

    robert-cupp-webDr. Robert Cupp
    BiLD Director (Biblical Institute of Leadership Development)
    (Former) Founding Pastor, 
    Fellowship Bible Church of NW Arkansas

    "Everything rises and falls upon leadership. Such is true in the corporate world and particularly so in the ministry world. Asian Access is committed to teaching, training and equipping leaders across Asia. It is a proven strategy with measurable results and is worthy of broad support."


    Mr. Steve Moore
    President, Missio Nexus

    "Asian Access continues to leverage their assets for maximum kingdom return by using proven strategies to invest in leaders. They are also leading the way with creative strategic alliances to model new levels of partnership in mission, as recognized by our selection (along with SIM USA) for the 2012 eXcelerate Award."

    bf-200Dr. Brent Fulton
    President, ChinaSource; Editor of the ChinaSource Quarterly

    "I heartily endorse Asian Access as you are filling a vital need in the church in Asia. The emerging urban church leadership is dynamic yet fragile. They have no older generation of pastors to look up to. Asian Access' proven mentoring approach builds communities of leaders, providing needed accountability and encouragement while developing personal character and ministry skills."

    Ajith Fernando thumb

    Dr. Ajith Fernando
    Teaching Pastor, Youth for Christ - Sri Lanka

    "I often meet young pastors and Christian leaders who have been through the Asian Access nurturing programme in Sri Lanka. They always speak warmly of the things they learned and how it is impacting their ministries and lives now. So I thank God for this ministry.”



    ECFA logoECFA Endorsement Guidestar Gold SealGuidestar - Gold Medal Seal Asian Access is a "4-Start Charity" on Charity NavigatorCharity Navigator - 4-Star Rating


  10. 2014 Highlights: Some Top Stories from Asian Access

    2014 has been a busy year at Asian Access. Here are some highlights from the past twelve months...


    Thoughts on Persecution and a Call to Prayer

    Persecuted PastorPersecution is alive and well in Asia. This fact sometimes escapes me as I travel in the region. Our A2 national leaders are so gracious that I am often lulled into complacency as I visit with our A2 participants and hear about what God is doing in their area... Read more

    What’s Really Happening through Asian Access in my Country? video clip

    David Dayalan on youtubeDavid Dayalan, national director of A2/India, talks about what's happening through the Asian Access leader development program there. He highlights the need for more and better leaders in order to reach a nation. Looking at the lives of alumni and current participants in India, David reports life transformation... Read more

    The Need for Leadership in Asia's Expanding Church

    Praying PastorKatey Hearth speaking with Joe Handley of Asian Access about the needs for leadership in the rapidly expanding Church of Asia. Listen to the interview... Read more

    What is Asia’s Role in the Great Commission?

    Mission Network NewsWhat role will Asia play in the Great Commission in 16 years? What will things look like in 2030?

    Hear Joe Handley share with Mission Network News... Read more

    Leadership plays a critical role in Hong Kong protests

    (Photo courtesy Flickr/CC/Pasu Au Yeung)Hong Kong (MNN) — Tensions are rising in Hong Kong. Protestors, upset over China’s involvement with a new CEO, have threatened to occupy government buildings. Then, they demanded the resignation of the chief executive. A former British colony, Hong Kong returned to China’s sovereignty in 1997. China promised... Read more

    Vision 2030

    Joe and Visionary PastorIt’s been a tremendous week in Seoul. 30 leaders from an important and strategic country, not named due to security reasons, gathered to prayerfully plan their strategy for a vision God put on their hearts leading to 2030. They want to send 20,000 missionaries from their country and plant 2,000 churches outside their country by 2030. Nearly every day... Read more

    Investing in women, too, so churches can multiply video clip

    Mary Jo WilsonBeing a female leader can be a lonely road. But Asian Access is investing in these leaders to help each of them in their context. And as they're in the A2 community, they are mutually encouraged and learning from each other... Read more

    Beginning of Reconciliation between Japan, China

    Japan and ChinaJapan (MNN) — It was supposed to be a photo-op, but instead, it was an awkward handshake between the leaders of China and Japan meeting in Beijing for the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit. The body language of both leaders made it clear that a lot of work lies ahead of smoothing out... Read more

    Reaching Japan’s Forgotten People - With Down Home Gospel video clip

    Risen Christ Gospel ChoirHow do you comfort people trapped in a refugee existence? How about old-fashioned African-American gospel music—in Japan! It’s been over three years since the triple disaster struck Japan on March 11, 2011. A massive earthquake, devastating tsunami, and nuclear-plant meltdown killed thousands, wiped out whole communities, and left hundreds of thousands displaced... Read more

    Amazing Pre-Christian Evangelist

    Amazing Pre-Christian EvangelistA few weeks ago, I was attending Pastor Joshua Hari’s church near Tokyo. Joshua is an assistant director for Asian Access/Japan and the lead pastor for this dynamic congregation. His church began a new outreach by providing a weekly community exercise and stretching program for young mothers. On this particular morning, a young mother... Read more

    Rebuilding... for a New Ministry

    RebuildingA disaster strikes. People help. The helpers leave. Then, the rebuilding begins. Camp Morigo first opened in 1960. Owned and operated by Oasis Chapel (located in the Sendai region of northeast Japan), Camp Morigo served as a full-service Christian camp for decades. Then, the... Read more

    Persevering Through Persecution

    the Persecuted ChurchNoel Becchetti, Vice President for Leader Development for Asian Access comments on ministry challenges in two countries where Christianity is growing the fastest. According to The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, both countries are located in Asia. These countries, which cannot be identified for security purposes, also happen to be places where A2-supported pastors are sharing the Good News of Christ and making disciples... Read more

    Life-Giving Water for Bangladesh  video clip

    Garment workers in BangladeshIn one of the poorest countries in the world, where garment workers labor under harsh conditions, Asian Access is partnering with InterVarsity to build the Living Water Centre (LWC)—a multi-purpose training and conference facility in a country where land and buildings like this are scarce... Read more

     Lifetime Appointment

    Ron & Maureen McMahonThe Asian Access board unanimously and enthusiastically elected Ron McMahon to serve as the lifetime honorary chairman of our board. It was a deeply meaningful time together as we reflected on Ron's 23 years as our chairman. Because of Ron's great leadership, we are well on our way to celebrating 50 years of ministry in 2017. Prior to Ron's tenure,... Read more

    The Little Engine that Could

    The Little Engine That CouldWhen I first interviewed with Asian Access over six years ago, I told the board, “This is one of the best kept secrets in mission today.” Why? Because I was in cross-cultural mission leadership for more than 20 years and had no idea of the impact of the mission... Read more

    Giving is Worship

    Giving is WorshipI've been reflecting on my giving practices. I inherited an amazing treasury of generosity from my parents who are some of the most generous people I have ever met. They practice the truth of this passage in the Gospel of Luke... Read more

    4-Star Rating from Charity Navigator

    4-Star Rating from Charity NavigatorAsian Access’ sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. This puts Asian Access in the top 7% of charitable organizations reviewed by Charity Navigator... Read more

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