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Most of you may know that we are heading back to San Diego today for two week trip. Dan has been asked to speak at Community Bible Church’s Missions Conference Sunday, May 4th. We are amazed and blessed by this opportunity to go back and see everyone.

As blessed as we feel, the ever so daunting international plane ride with 3 young children loomed on the horizon, followed by the challenge of adjusting to the 16 hour time difference. We are very thankful Dan’s mom will be with us to help on the flight to San Diego but it still seems like it could be difficult.

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As we left church, a group of ladies prayed for me (in Japanese). I could catch most of what they were saying. It was the typical prayers for safety, good travels and a blessed time to relax and see friends. But while praying for our plane ride she added a prayer that took me by surprise. She prayed the flight would be fun! Most of my prayers for the flight sounded more like “Jesus help me endure it”. I don’t think I ever considered it could be fun.

I’m so thankful for the fresh outlook I received from my friend’s prayer. Now, I pray as we set out on this journey today I will remember and dare I say it…actually have a fun time on the flights.

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