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Last week we celebrated 2 years being in Japan. For us the 2 years has really felt like it has gone by way too fast. As we look back on the time we are reminded how certain things that were once so foreign to us now are just part of our everyday lives. Even living in a different culture, with a new language, this has become our new normal. Enjoy some pictures of our daily life in Japan after 2 years and some of our “new norms”.


“When we first came to Japan it was hard to get to know everyone at church because we didn’t know anyone and we had just gotten to Japan. But now it’s easy and I have lots of friends. Also it was hard to eat new foods but now they are good” -Abbi (5 yrs)


We now expect to take off our shoes when we go to church, some restaurants, the library and even the dentist office.


It’s usual to switch between Japanese and English. Don’t get us wrong speaking Japanese is still difficult and we are not fluent, but somehow it feels more normal. Some words and phrases even come more naturally to say in Japanese than in English.


It’s normal now to sleep on a futon on the floor and fold it up daily to prevent mold growth because of the condensation over night.


Rice and miso soup have become typical breakfast foods.


It feels normal to hang up our clothes outside, or inside if it’s too cold, instead of using a dryer. It feels normal to wash the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher. A dishwasher and dryer would be convenient but living without them feels ordinary.

imageSo here we are, now a family of five, living in Japan, speaking alright Japanese and getting more and more rooted in our community. We feel like an ordinary family trusting in an extraordinary God.May our lives and hope we have in Jesus shine bright.


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