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I (Casi) have been talking a lot with the girls about chapters in books lately. Right now is the close of a chapter for us. We will be heading back to the States September 2nd. That’s in just a week and a half!! Obviously living in a foreign country has a long list of difficulties that comes with it, but really this has been an amazing three years. With the close of this chapter there is some sadness, but there’s also excitement about a new chapter to come.



This conversation I had with the girls describes it well.

Me: “So how do you girls feel about leaving Japan?” Abbi and Ryli: “Sad. I’m sad to leave my friends.” Me: “How do you feel about going to America?” Abbi and Ryli: “Happy!!!”

The end result of both of these questions is the same, we end up in the States. But the focus of the question is different, leaving vs. going. One is not better than the other, but I find that this is totally how I feel too. When I think of leaving I also feel sad to say goodbye to friends and our church family. But when I think of going to the States I feel excited about reuniting with family and friends.

So as this chapter closes and we get ready for home assignment we are still praying that we can stay in the moment and enjoy the day that the Lord has made.

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