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abbi graduation 300Abbi graduated from kindergarten yesterday!!

Here in Japan kindergarten is separate from elementary school and students have the option of going for three years. Abbi started school, which is conducted completely in Japanese, two years ago with very limited language ability. Now amazingly, she speaks...

imageTonight was quite a night. We found out this afternoon a friend we played with earlier in the week got tested and had influenza. It’s been going around in higher numbers this year and everyone seems to been on high alert. So when all three of our kids got fevers this week we took notice. It started with Landon Wednesday, then Ryli and Abbi...

imageMost of you heard through Facebook or our prayer email that Abbi was in the hospital for six days with pneumonia. She’s been out for two weeks now and finally life seems normal again. She is regaining her strength and almost done with her medicine.

Abbi after 3 days and many antibiotics

We are so thankful for God’s healing of her body...

imageLast week we celebrated 2 years being in Japan. For us the 2 years has really felt like it has gone by way too fast. As we look back on the time we are reminded how certain things that were once so foreign to us now are just part of our everyday lives. Even living in a different culture, with a new language, this has become our new...

imageHow does God work out details like He does? Today we’ve been blown away with how God can be in the smallest of details, literally!

We were getting ready for school like any other day. Abbi sat in a high chair, playing hairdresser, while I braided her hair. However, today Ryli also got excited about the idea of mommy doing her hair like a...

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