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BBC News is now reporting:

The most powerful earthquake to hit Japan since records began has hit the country's north-east and triggered a devastating tsunami.
Japanese TV showed cars, ships and buildings swept away by a vast wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude quake.
A state of emergency has been declared at a nuclear power plant but officials said there were no radiation leaks.
At least 60 people have been killed by the quake, which struck about 400km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo.
The region has been rocked by a number of powerful aftershocks.
The tremor, measured at 8.9 by the US Geological Survey, hit at 1446 local time (0546 GMT) at a depth of about 24km.
A tsunami warning was extended across the Pacific to North and South America.
The Red Cross in Geneva warned that the tsunami waves could be higher than some Pacific islands, Reuters news agency said.

This could be one of the worst natural disasters to ever hit Japan.  Please be praying for the coastal areas, especially the area of Sendai.  Sendai is Nozomi's birthplace and where her father pastored a church for several years.  They have many friends who live in the affected areas.  But we haven't heard word, as cell phones are essentially down.  Circuits are overloaded and it's impossible to get through.  Based on what we're seeing in news reports, we know many have been affected.

Presently Nozomi and I are in Karuizawa, Japan located in the snowy mountains of Nagano, northwest of Tokyo.  We are coordinating the annual Asian Access/Japan Spring Retreat.  At the end of one of our sessions, we felt rocked by the quake and everyone here knew it was a major trembler.  Everyone here is safe; all Asian Access missionaries are safe, though one family trying to get here is currently stranded on the highway which have been shut down.

News reports are coming in about the devastating effects of the resulting tsunami.  Not only cars and homes -- but an entire village!! -- have been swept away; ships have drifted in from the sea.  Fires are blazing.  This is major.

We appreciate your ongoing prayers for the people of Japan.

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