Day 2 • Jubilee in Jakarta

Each day at our Jubilee in Jakarta highlighted a different theme. On Day 1, we focused on our pioneering days, originally as the Language Institute for Evangelism in 1967 and later LIFE Ministries in the mid-1980s, which was focused on Japan. Our theme for Day 3 was aptly titled Pioneering Life.

Day 2 took us into a new season in the life of the global church, an era where fresh paradigms were being touted as new ways forward in ministry. Our theme for the day was Expanding Access

It was during this era our name changed from "LIFE Ministries" to "Asian Access" and the day began with a perfect reflection from Ajith Fernando highlighting the importance of unity. He led us in an in-depth devotion walking through the New Testament with keen attention on the book of Acts showing the importance of staying united in the development, growth and challenges for the Church.


Expansion beyond Japan

Several key stories were shared, first by Doug Birdsall and Adrian De Visser talking about expanding Access from exclusively Japan into other nations across Asia. They shared a very funny story about their first trip to Mongolia and if you haven’t heard it, you’ll have to ask them or JM (see below) about it later.


Transition to National Leadership starting with Hiroshi Kawasaki

Rev. Hiroshi KawasakiThis introductory transition story shifted to one of the more notable transitions in our history, where we moved from foreign led programs to national directors. We showcased the important contribution of Rev. Hiroshi Kawasaki as being the first national leader for what is now our core program.

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Bruce & Mary Johnson, Interim President

Following Rev. Kawasaki was a chance to interview Bruce and Mary Johnson. Bruce led us through these transitions first as vice president for leadership development and later as interim president. Two of his most strategic contributions to Asian Access were helping us with strategic planning and summarizing what we do through explaining the Essence of Asian Access.

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JM's Contribution

A series of national leaders were then interviewed about one of our most treasured partners JM. Probably the statement that struck me the most was by Wesley (below, left) who said, “[JM] makes Jesus come alive in my heart!” JM brought a keen focus on something that is now what we consider central to our ministry: “A Love Relationship with God”. Surprisingly enough, this stands out as what may be the single most important milestone in Asian Access history. Everything depends on our relationship with Christ!

A250th 3 leaders honor JM day2


Rod Denton, Significant Faculty Member

Finally, we highlighted the important role Rod Denton played in the development of our ministry. Rod was one of the keen curricular developers having studied under Bobby Clinton who wrote the original curriculum with touches of influence from Donald McGavran and Peter Wagner.

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These were pivotal years in the life of our ministry as we went from a Japan focused ministry to growing across Asia and launching a new focus on the empowerment of national leaders. What a joy to see all that God has accomplished over our 50-year history!


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