Creativity started before COVID-19 now deepening in Japan

God is clearly doing something new these days… While we mourn the deep losses of people and our sense of community living in isolation, there are signs of promise. We hope a solution comes soon for the coronavirus but during this season, something fresh is stirring.

sonnenberg jeffery 150pxhari joshua 2017 headshotThis video interview with my colleagues Joshua Hari and Jeffery Sonnenberg highlights some of what God is doing. In fact, as Joshua shares, it seems that God was preparing things in advance as well as setting the stage for fulfilling our longer-term vision for Japan.

Watch and see what God is doing… And, pray: next week Japan is hosting an important webinar to help pastors best serve their communities and nations during this pandemic.

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Joseph W. Handley, Jr., Ph.D.
President, Asian Access

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Joe Handley interviews Pastor Joshua Hari of Saikyo Hope Chapel and Jeffery Sonnenberg of Asian Access/Japan. They share how God prepared their church for this new COVID-19 season, highlighting some of the creativity exhibited by the Japanese Church before and now in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The pastor records his sermon ahead of time, so church members can watch the message before Sunday. On Sunday, the church members worship together on Zoom and then move into breakout rooms to share in smaller groups how the message is impacting them. This is building a deeper sense of community than before the crisis.

Among this promising solution, the pair make an announcement that A2/Japan will be running its first webinar during the first week of May 2020. Asian Access/Japan will conduct the webinar to encourage pastors in how the Church can respond to COVID-19. As a pastoral leadership community, they will think through the phases ahead, including how it might impact long-term leadership. For example, 89% of church leaders are over 50. Asian Access/Japan wants to invest in church leaders in their 20s and 30s, who can bring a fresh stirring in Japan.

The two share their perspective on the need for messy partnership and some prayer requests so you can be praying for Japan.


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