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I want to share a neat answer to prayer. It involves Mrs. A and Mrs. B. Mrs. A, a mother of two very active boys, is quite confident and forward. A natural gatherer, she is honest, energetic, and occasionally a bit abrasive. She’s my friend. Mrs. B, a mom of two polite gals, is very gentle and kind. She is open about her experience from the disaster and has a fun can-do attitude. She is also my friend.

They are both in the English class for moms that I teach most Tuesdays. They are also both connected to other ministries connected to the church. Both ladies are at the very least becoming comfortable being friends with Jesus followers – and at the most seekers. Our prayer is that both ladies and their families will join our Family soon.

Yesterday morning right before church, I got a message from Mrs. B saying she was done coming to the English class and anything at church. She had a falling out while I was gone with Mrs. A and felt it was better to avoid places where she might run into her. My emotional response was “…?!…?! Ugh!”

I told one friend and she prayed. She prayed that the Great Reconciler would do a special work. I asked another friend to read my response (basically saying that I was sad for the strained relationship and that I hoped she would change her mind about not coming) and said she’d also pray. Mrs. B’s response – “I’ll miss you.”

Then a bit later I got a third message saying that Mrs. A apologized out of the blue and said she hoped they could still be friends and learn English together. My emotional response: “…?!…?!…Yippee!” I was pretty surprised. I have a lot to learn about apologies and such in Japan, but from what I understand, a lot of relationships end at first offense. Rather than risk disharmony or shame, Bottling and Avoiding are king.

I might be reading too much into this little saga, but I view this as God answering prayer…and quickly!  I believe the Holy Spirit is working in Mrs. A’s heart to reach out to reconcile and in Mrs. B’s heart to accept an apology. I am eager for what God is doing in these two ladies’ lives and in their families (both husbands came to church a few weeks ago…a big deal). As always, we are grateful for your prayers for us and for our friends.


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