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Last week was a rather stressful/intense/faith-stretching/scary kind of week. Three situations in particular were quite yucky, and each looked pretty hopeless to me. Each also had the potential to really blow up in some tough ways (yes, my mind went to the worst-case scenario pretty quickly – including police, deportation, violence, feuding, etc.).

Thankfully, despite pretty weak faith, R and I prayed, “Lord, please intervene. We don’t know how to pray – here are a few ideas we have of ways you can fix this stuff – but mainly please have mercy on __, ___, ___, etc.”

I didn’t think he would act. I thought I would have to accept another delayed answer and disappointment… Yet in quite specific and wonderful ways, God answered. If I could share details, it would be so much cooler, but the long and short of it is:

…A couple I thought would call off their engagement is still engaged. I really thought it was over for them, but God did something unexpected and cool.

…An incident of harassment had a good ending.

…Truth and humility were chosen over deception and pride.

…None of the situations escalated.

…The police didn’t need to be called.

And I was surprised. Big time. I don’t believe any of these three situations would’ve just worked themselves out. They needed God.

A common thread in all three situations is humility. As I watched and heard about God humbling and restoring, I felt humbled, too. I was reminded that he is working, he does hear our prayers, and he is big. I was also reminded that we have a great support team who prays for us, too – some people daily. Despite not sharing these requests with anyone, I know people were praying, and I trust that God helped some people really know how to pray.

I don’t always see answers to prayer. I rarely notice God intervening (not that he doesn’t – I’m just not great at recognizing it). Yet last week reminded me that I want to pray more, to believe God more, to notice more, and to thank him more.

And I want to thank you, too.

Roberta Adair

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