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In our last post, we mentioned that we are in the exploration stage of transitioning our small language school into a larger ministry/corporation. We’re currently in a “proof of concept” stage, looking at what can be done and what should be done.

So why are we thinking about this? Here are a few of the reasons.

  1. Japan’s National Board of Education has begun (finally!) English instruction in elementary schools. We think this is great and it means more parents will be looking for opportunities for their children at a younger age. In addition, several major companies now require executive level meetings to be carried out entirely in English.
  2. The Board of Education, as well meaning as it is, overlooks that basic language acquisition is relational, not scholastic. We know this because every English speaking child already speaks English well before any type of formal education begins. If language acquisition is relegated to the classroom, that is where it will mostly remain.
  3. We believe language acquisition happens best in relational settings, first and foremost, one’s family. Our approach is “family integrated learning” and we seek to equip and encourage families to learn together.
  4. Almost every parent of the students we teach believes they need to send their child to a professional to learn, and that they, themselves, are not equipped to instruct their child. We believe that we can give parents the basic skills they need and that by modeling a ‘learner’s heart’, parents will greatly encourage their children on the language journey.
  5. We can take the twenty-four years of experience we have in Japan to develop curriculum and resources that are “family friendly”. We will focus on iOS (and then Android) platform to build rich multimedia tools (ecosystem) that Japanese kids, and their parents, will love.
  6. Our motto is, “Combining education, passion and fun for better communication.” We’re not only talking about English, and the “family integrated” approach will allow us a natural bridge into all forms of human relationships. Marriages, parent-child, etc. We’re thinking big.
  7. One goal is that our resources will equip Japanese people to run their own English programs. This will allow a network of small businesses to develop and provide a source of income for many.

All in the family

In the beginning, we’re working on the idea as a family. S is helping with the recordings (photo) and T is lending his drawing abilities. Here is some early work. We’re hoping that K will begin to explore programming together with Peter.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR PARTNERS! We believe this is going to take off, so we’re looking for people who want to get involved. Designers, teachers, photographers, marketers, programmers, social networkers, etc. If you think you want to get in on the ground level of a Kingdom-based business that has potential, please contact us.

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