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Discovering the Joy of Parenting

21-03-2019 Hits:12 From the President Joe Handley - avatar Joe Handley

I often speak with parents about the challenges of parenting and hear stories of the aches and pains people face or simply the frustrations of raising kids. How encouraging to know...

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The Little / BIG Principle...

12-03-2019 Hits:29 Staff Rod Denton - avatar Rod Denton

 A basic building block in making disciples It was John Maxwell who brought to my attention the fact that experience is not the best teacher. Otherwise, everybody would be getting better...

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March 11th... And the future

10-03-2019 Hits:35 From the President Joe Handley - avatar Joe Handley

Eight years ago, Silk and I were here in Japan during the horrific triple disaster that hit the country. In a matter of minutes, lives were ruined, the country was...

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