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Japan (MNN) — Southern Japan breathes a sigh of relief as the search for survivors continues in Taiwan.

Sea of Japan earthquake - Wikipedia

Japan (MNN) — Rescue efforts underway in the wake of strong quake in west central Japan.

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Japan (MNN) – Global workers in Japan have announced a new name to describe their role and vision.

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Japan (MNN) – A declining, aging population in Japan means both businesses and churches need guidance through the transition of leadership.

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International (A3) — Asian Access, known widely as A2, is expanding its ministry into some of the most dangerous and volatile parts of the world.

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Japan (MNN) — Japan remains a challenging spiritual battleground, but Gospel workers say the Lord IS moving in the island nation.

“A lot of fear permeates the culture here: fear of natural disasters, fear of war, fear of the virus,” Eric Takamoto with Asian Access says.

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